Forager brings a new indie adventure to PC this April

Could this crafty indie adventure be the next Stardew Valley?

With over 170K wishlists on Steam over the past few weeks, the indie adventure Forager could be a massive hit among fans the farming and crafting genre. Fans of Stardew Valley will no doubt recognise the similar array of tools and building elements from the hit agricultural sim. Yet, Forager hopes to push this genre into the open-world, introducing new mechanics inspired by Zelda and Terraria. It remains to be seen if the Forager release date will attract the same audience on PC, especially with a Forager Switch release date lined up later this year, but first impressions suggest there’s definitely some crafty potential here.

Forager Steam release date

Forager release date
Exploring the dunes in different biomes | Credit: HopFrog

The Forager release date on PC is set for April 18, 2019, and it’s expected to be available on Steam, Humble, and GOG. While the Stardew inspired farming elements are definitely seem to form a core function of the game, Forager doesn’t hold any punches when it comes to combat. A diverse array of enemies can be encountered anywhere in your journey across the landscape, with a much heavier emphasis on combat than the more relaxed farming simulators. It’s here where the RPG focus of Forager comes into play, complete with a skill tree, various loot, and a meager amount of health to survive on.

In terms of combat difficulty, it’s no Sekiro (here at indiehub, we keep up-to-date with the hottest takes), but enemies will create difficult obstacles in your exploration. The progression system inherent to this combat feels genuinely rewarding, at least from what we’ve been able to play, as you develop your skills and become a much hardier adventurer through this experience. Of course, after your thirst for blood has been sated, you’re free to return to safer territory and resume your serene farm life.

Forager Switch release date

Forager release date
Leveling your skills to become the Ultimate Farmer™ | Credit: HopFrog

Currently, Forager is expected to release in Q2 2019 on the Nintendo Switch, which means that it’s on course to be available before the end of June this year. While a physical edition for the game has not yet been announced, we could see the game come to the digital Nintendo Store before June; these ports are by no means uncharted territory for the veteran indie publisher Humble Bundle.

From what we’ve seen, Forager has all the hallmarks of a strong contender on the Switch. The generous open-world to explore is complemented by relatively simple controls and easygoing gameplay, enabling more passive sessions on the handheld platform that many other Switch titles have profited from. Forager has the potential for enjoyable repetitive gameplay, which is probably why everyone’s comparing it to Stardew Valley, but the game could prove to be so much more.

Forager PS4 release date

Forager release date
The final frontier – available for a mere 60 coins? | Credit: HopFrog

While a PS4 version of Forager is in development, and was originally scheduled to release on all platforms at the same time, there’s no official word on when we can expect the Forager PS4 release date. Players on the Xbox One may be disappointed to find out that there are no official plans to bring the indie adventure to Microsoft’s consoles, but this doesn’t rule out a future release.

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