Meet the Team

Crumbs. We never expected anyone to actually click on this page… well, here goes nothing. Meet the two plonkers running this thing.

James Sutton
Player 1: James Sutton
Taylor Revert
Player 2: Taylor Revert


We’re James and Taylor, the writers behind everything you see here on indiehub. We think indie games are kinda cool, but we don’t hear as many stories about them as we’d like.

We started indiehub in 2018 because we think indie games deserve more attention.  Where most games play it safe, indie gaming is often where the real fun happens – it’s full of quirky, experimental and innovative ideas that we want to talk about.

This site is entirely funded by us, and we write as much as possible alongside our full-time jobs to keep finding new games and stories. If you’re an indie dev, we’d love to hear from you about anything – new games, tales from development, or just to have a chat!

You can find us on Twitter @indiehubco, or find us individually @jjjamessutton (James) and @taylor_revert (Taylor) – or you can send us an email at


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