Build your own oasis cities in the PC indie ISLANDERS

Minimalist city-builder is the latest colourful indie from Grizzly Games.

The minimalist city-building strategy game ISLANDERS was recently announced by indie developer Grizzly Games to much avail. The team of three have created a visually captivating game, set with the simple premise of building cities on procedurally-generated islands. The recent trailer showcased the game’s stunning colour palettes and effortless UI design, and score-based progression system, along with the ISLANDERS release date.

ISLANDERS Game | Release Date

ISLANDERS Release Date
Place each building strategically to get a better score | Credit: Grizzly Games

ISLANDERS is set to release on PC on April 4, 2019, and will be available on Steam. The game itself looks to be an incredibly satisfying experience, rewarding you for placing buildings strategically, and unlocking further islands as you progress. Gameplay revolves around the limited resource of buildings, ensuring that each one is situated perfectly in tandem with the rest of the city. For players that have been tempted by the recent Tropico 6, this indie provides a much more chilled and minimalist experience.

Placing certain buildings within the proximity of certain other buildings will reward you with a higher score. In turn, this unlocks further sets of buildings that you can place, until you have built up the settlement sufficiently to move on to the next island. This progression system is very reminiscent of the recent Two Point Hospital, in which players were presented with different hospital scenarios to address and improve on, before moving on to the next challenge.

ISLANDERS Release Date
Strategy is clearly important, but it also looks SO NEAT and ADORABLE | Credit: Grizzly Games

In a similar manner, ISLANDERS’ procedurally-generated scenarios will likely present varying challenges in location as you make it further. We’ve already seen different climates in the island landscapes, and these conflicting conditions certainly make the strategy elements in ISLANDERS look more promising. However, for the team of three indie devs, the priority was in making a game that “lets anybody create and explore their own little worlds”. As such, the challenge level will hopefully stay amenable for relaxed play.

If you’re excited about ISLANDERS, make sure to wishlist it on Steam, and stay up-to-date with any news from Grizzly Games.

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