4 classic indie games coming to the Switch this September

Four classics join the roster of indie games re-releasing on the Switch this year.

This year, the Nintendo Switch has revived dozens of our favourite indie games on the handheld platform, breathing new life into games that had long been untouched in our Steam libraries. Here at indiehub, we’ve spent the past few weeks playing Hollow Knight on our little neon Switch, but here are four more classic indie games to look out for this month.

1. Bastion (2011) – September 13th

After a catastrophe known as the Calamity, the action-RPG Bastion encourages you discover more of the shattered world, equipped with an arsenal of upgradeable weapons and guided by a mysterious narrator.

The digital edition is currently available for pre-order on the UK Nintendo eShop for £10.99.

2. Wasteland 2 (2014) – September 13th

From the producer of the original Fallout game, Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut provides a similar narrative in the genre of apocalyptic survival. Controlling a squad in turn-based wasteland combat, the Director’s Cut includes more perks and new voice-over assets.

The digital edition of Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut is not yet available for pre-order.

3. Undertale (2015) – September 18th

One of the most loved indie games of recent memory, Undertale is renowned for its non-combative options in monster encounters, as you’re able to peacefully navigate your way around violence. You still have the option to rain destruction down on your foes, for our more bloodthirsty readers.

The digital edition is currently £11.99 on the UK Nintendo eShop, while a physical copy is only available in US stores for $29.99 at this time. A Collector’s Edition is also available from fangamer for $69.00, which includes the soundtrack, sheet music, a 14K gold-plated music box, a collector’s box and a physical copy of the game. How fancy.

4. TowerFall (2013) – September 27th

You might think that Fortnite is the hottest Battle Royale experience on the Switch, but TowerFall did arena-royale way before it was cool. The action multiplayer allows up to four players to battle in archery-based combat across different arcade arenas.

The digital edition of TowerFall is available for pre-order for £17.99 on the UK Nintendo eShop.

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