The Top 10 Ooblet creatures that you should be excited for

Ooblets, the upcoming life sim from indie developer Glumberland, is no ordinary farm simulator. No sir. In this highly-anticipated quirky adventure, you plant, cultivate, and befriend tiny creatures – the ‘Ooblets’ for which the game is named.

These extremely cute little guys follow you around town, participate in dance battles, and, presumably, give your life a meaning and purpose that it would otherwise lack.

Ooblets! | Credit: Ooblets.com

It goes without saying that every Ooblet is important and precious in its own right. With that said, we over at indiehub have picked, with great difficulty, our top 10 Ooblets that you should be excited for. Read on to see them in all their glory.

1. Radlad

Credit: Ooblets.com

Radlad is, to put it plainly, a radish with legs. They are a leaf-topped smiley vegetable.

Pros: Extremely cute. Healthy. Wholesome.

Cons: There are none.



2. Plob

Credit: Ooblets.com

Plob is a pebble Ooblet who is very round.

Pros: A happy pebble. Short arms and legs only serve to make them cuter.

Cons: There are none.



3. Pantsabear

Credit: Ooblets.com

Pantsabear is a horned bear who wears very smart trousers. Perhaps they have somewhere important to be.

Pros: Wears a sweatband as it is hard work to look smart.

Cons: There are none.


4. Gumple

Credit: Ooblets.com

Gumples are carrot Ooblets who look like they’ve been lifting weights – to little effect.

Pros: Appears passive despite obviously flamboyant outfit. Very orange.

Cons: There are none.


5. Gloopylonglegs

Credit: Ooblets.com

Gloopylonglegs is a tall pebble Ooblet, who is hilarious.

Pros: Extremely long legs. Surrounded by gloop.

Cons: There are none.



6. Glanter

Credit: Ooblets.com

Glanter is a ghost Ooblet. A Glanter is for life, not just for Halloween.

Pros: Spooky. Wiggly smile. Glows in the dark.

Cons: There are none.



7. Clomper

Credit: Ooblets.com

Clomper is a green goat with leafy branches for horns. They are one with nature.

Pros: Very adorable hoofs. Looks fluffy.

Cons: There are none.



8. Clickyclaws

Credit: Ooblets.com

Clickyclaws is an angry, orange, tutu-wearing Ooblet.

Pros: Very grumpy. Called ‘Clickyclaws’ despite non-menacing claws.

Cons: There are none.



9. Bristlebud

Credit: Ooblets.com

Bristlebud is a cactus Ooblet who, I assume, is bristling with rage.

Pros: Even its spikes don’t look that spiky.

Cons: There are none.




10. Tud

Credit: Ooblets.com

Tud is a frog Ooblet with a penchant for staring.

Pros: Probably says ‘ribbit’. Both eyes looking in different directions.

Cons: There are none.




Which are your favourite Ooblets? Let us know in the comments, or find us on twitter @indiehubco.


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